August 31 – September 3, 2015

13th World Conference „The Esophagiome”

Locatia: Monaco, Grimaldi Forum

Data: August 31 – september 3, 2015

President: Hans Gregersen (Denmark, China)

Co-Presidents: Myung-Gyu Choi (Korea), Larry S. Miller (USA), David Nocca (France)

The esophagiome project is a multicentric, integrated program to design, develop, implement, test, document, archive and disseminate quantitative information and integrative models of the functional behavior of the esophagus.
The esophagiome describes the physiological dynamics of the normal esophagus and is built upon interdisciplinary approaches for application to esophageal diseases.
The program of the 13 th OESO World Conference will attempt to enlighten diverse aspects of the esophagiome concept, placing particular attention on the specific domains of physiology, pathophysiology, and diseases of the esophagus.
The wealth of information collected on the occasion of the Paris Conference at the UNESCO in 2013, and in particular all the advancements foreseeable in the Human Variome Project, will make up the basis of a multi-disciplinary focus that will also constitute one of the highlights of the Monaco Congress.

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